ву ∂єѕιяє-ρк ѕтα тєαм!
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 3 hit do u , application

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3 hit do u

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PostSubject: 3 hit do u , application   Tue Aug 26, 2008 9:20 pm

What is my name?

What is my age?
14 , only
Are you an active member?
Yea, i'm very active player in this clinet. I playing it like 3-4 hour's , or more per day . lol , yea , i play it like everyday .
What i will do when i get modship.?
Ill help the newcomers , like if they had some question i tell the answer .
Teaching some1 , who need help , lol . And i hate cheaters , i will ban them .
And who rue the rules than i warn , and kick or ban them .
How can you beneift the plays of desire?
I can aswer for all questions . And ill help them whit all . I think they get some good answer , lol . I try answer so good as i can Smile
What knowledge can you bring to desire?
Umm, like new ideas ? Like what to do , and what update in server needs make .
Find some bugs , and some new stuff Smile .

3 hit do u
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3 hit do u , application
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